Sara Wilkinson on In-House Counsel Role in Branding from Corporate Counsel

A July article in Corporate Counsel entitled “In-House Counsel Role in Branding is Key to Success” outlines the importance of  in-house counsel in the branding process.

From the article: It’s often the case that the in-house attorney’s role with respect to branding efforts, at least in part, is to know the answers to specific questions, such as whether a domain name is available, said Sara Wilkinson, senior counsel at Duffy & Sweeney and former deputy general counsel for real estate solutions company Corvias Group. More broadly, though, “the role of in-house counsel is really to make sure that whatever team is doing the branding … knows legal is a resource for them,” she said. And this team should be aware that there’s no need to wait until the end of the process to go to legal, she noted, “so that they can avoid the cease and desist letter and significant amounts of money invested into a brand that they cannot use.

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