From Corporate Counsel: Sara Wilkinson on Turmoil at Uber

Making GC Head of Human Resources Could Have Helped Uber, Attorneys Say” is the title of the June 19th Corporate Counsel article which references data from a report released by Uber Technologies.

According to the article, “one theme kept popping up: gaps in the human resources department’s communication with in-house counsel.”

D&S attorney Sara Wilkinson shares in the article:

“From what I’ve read about Uber, the human resources folks weren’t empowered,” Wilkinson said. She said blending the responsibilities of a human resources director and an in-house lawyer also depends on the individual: Do they have the background in both areas? And, as companies mature, Wilkinson said, HR and legal need to be cooperative, but independent. The best, and most foundational advice, she said, is to simply get both departments working together.”

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